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Face by Melissa Buzzeo

Face by Melissa Buzzeo

List Price: $18.00
Price: $15.30

Is it possible to hold a space between two people, a person and a text, a person and an idea, a person and a community, or a community and a community? An inquiry into the language of relation, Face is a book about the possibility of making space out of literature without collapse, without merger. Leaning against the fractured architectures of heritage, Melissa Buzzeo employs a language of material and dissolve, an architecture of release and hold, asking: How does a feeling become an enclosure, an idea, a document?

Face is an archae book written both ‘after and before.’ Recessive narrative events – faces surfacing, twinned with wet surfaces, gone – are released as agents, as saturations of tone and line. ‘Inside and out of passage,’ Melissa Buzzeo forms a document that is both report and threshold: text and radical architecture: a ‘beginning’ always ‘in transit.’ What I love about this work is its refusal to feel, if feeling has become impossible, and, in corollary, its willingness to flood its own terrain, to melt a ‘frozen book.’ In this way, Face becomes the ‘shape which is desire to see.’ It brings towards us the ‘hesitant’ girl who finds a way to breathe and write again, next to the water which is both lake and paper, the pages floating offshore ‘in a dream.’ Retrieving these pages, Melissa Buzzeo writes to us: a complex, present, also-writing ‘you.’
– Bhanu Kapil

A book of short, brilliant sentences opening on an architecture of meaning as a thrilling speculative environment. A book to be near.
– Nicole Brossard

Born in 1977 in New York, Melissa Buzzeo has worked as a counselor, curator, professor and palm reader. She is the author of one previous full-length collection, What Began Us (2007). In addition, she is the author of three chapbooks: In the Garden of The Book, City M. and Near: a luminescence .

February 2009 | Poetry
8x6 inches | 108 pages
Trade Paper: 9781771660532

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