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The Rose Concordance by Angela Carr

The Rose Concordance by Angela Carr

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In The Rose Concordance, Angela Carr sets up the rules for a game and then breaks them. The poems trace a constellation of fountains, whose waters lap from an erotic medieval poem. Luxury rushes headlong into Felony, Love hears Irony in Ecstasy. Like fountains, these poems resist any one enduring shape or reading. For in Carr’s voice, water is dappled, and wind catches the fountain and moves it sideways at night when no one is looking. In the mist of words, complicity is vilified and the precious is tenderly chided. The Rose Concordance is a fountain garden that invites the reader to tarry, and drink.

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"Carr achieves an exquisite balance of sensual fleshiness, confession and conceptual abstraction... A rare pleasure."
- Sonnet L'Abbé, The Globe and Mail

"Through repetition, fragmentation, and translation, Carr makes texts, bodies, and buildings pliable."
- Janet Neigh via Canadian Literature

Angela Carr is a writer and translator, based in Montreal. Her first book of poetry, Ropewalk, was published in 2006. Recent writings have appeared in The Capilano Review, Dandelion, Jacket, Matrix, Open Letter, and in the collective publication Translating Translating Montreal.

November 2009 | Poetry
8x6 inches | 96 pages
Trade Paper: 9781897388464

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