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Now Lays the Sunshine By by Andrew Hughes

Now Lays the Sunshine By by Andrew Hughes

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In Now Lays the Sunshine By, Andrew Hughes detunes the lyres, cranks the gain on the harmonium & pitches the amps to wail. Consider something Lyn Hyjinian once said: ”The starry angular varieties of recurrent word and changed idea in constellation gather...“ and in these dented lyrics you will witness the celebration of an electric objectivity of imaginative expression.

If Catullus had lived in the age of skateboards his name would be Andy Hughes. Let’s call him a young, lyrical, New Englander who crafts the line into a bloom of self-effacing, reflective, and always funny-sad passages. These poems are indeed passages: passages into a creative life filled with promise, and passages into a forthright sympathy for the wobbly human heart.
– Lisa Jarnot

In Andrew Hughes’ poetry a crackling diction meets a fear of ordinary things, but the pressure exerted by the reality of these things does not dissuade the poems from their bright chromatic sincerity or their mob deep engagement with imagination. Moving through a range of forms designed to hold together a body angling against unflinching troubles good and bad, Now Lays The Sunshine By makes for a sweet set of songs to carry. Though the darkness may surround us, in these pages risking emoticon folklore it isn't going to win.
– Anselm Berrigan.

Andrew Hughes divides his time between New York City and Boston. His work has appeared in Forklift, Ohio, Cannibal, Spell, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Bimbo Jim, PUPPYFLOWERS, and others. He is the author of Sweethearts of the Great Migration.

May 2010 | Poetry
6x8 inches | 84 pages
Trade Paper: 9781897388587

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