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Moments Cafe #8: Prose of the Trans-Canada by derek beaulieu

Moments Cafe #8: Prose of the Trans-Canada by derek beaulieu

Price: $95.00

To celebrate derek beaulieu appointment as the 2014-16 Calgary Poet Laureate, his concrete poem "Prose of the Trans-Canada" was projected onto the Calgary Tower during the evenings of April 28 and 29, 2014

In 1913 Blaise Cendrars created his monumental Prose of the Trans-Siberian, a milestone in the history of artists books and visual poetry. When the intended edition of 150 copies was laid end-to-end they measured the same length as the height of the symbol of Parisian Modernity, the Eiffel Tower.

derek beaulieu’s prodigious Prose of the Trans-Canada responds to Cendrars’ legacy in a 16" x 52" visual poem. When all 150 copies of this limited edition are placed end-to-end, the resultant length is the same as the symbol of Calgarian Modernity, the Calgary Tower.

A towering moment in beaulieu’s on-going exploration of letraset as a medium for concrete poetry, Prose of the Trans-Canada, issued as Moments Cafe No. 8, is published in a strictly limited edition of 150 copies.

ISBN 9781927040003
1 of 150 copies printed on matte polypro film


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