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The Coming Envelope Issue 5

The Coming Envelope Issue 5

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The Coming Envelope, Issue 5
Summer 2012

Five writers have contributed work to Issue 5: Diane Williams, who gives us the unsynthesized frenzy of raw reality, and who has taken flash fiction to high artistry through daringly compressed narratives; Michael Nardone, who through an assemblage of snippets from pulp novels has erected a peepshow onto terrifying, ridiculous and banal characters whose crude longings exude from each word that comprises them; Caroline Picard, who constructs a mysterious and ecstatic myth of artist Joseph Beuys even while she dismantles it; M. Kitchell, who drops us into an ambiguous place of commercialized consciousness and mediated desire; and Mikhail Iossel, whose two single-sentence stories assemble being as a clamour of competing forces, and whose style is among the most forcefully brilliant of any writer working in our country.

Edited by Malcolm Sutton.

40 pages.

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