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I Don't Feel So Good by Elizabeth Bachinsky

I Don't Feel So Good by Elizabeth Bachinsky

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I Don't Feel So Good is comprised of material selected from the handwritten journals and notes of Elizabeth Bachinsky (1986-2012). Lines and passages were selected by the roll of a die and appear in the order the die saw fit. In blending confessional and procedural techniques with disjunctive chronology and random chance, this book explores and exacerbates possibilities of the narrative mode both within the text and for the reader. Not so much "written" as "received."

Praise for Eliabeth Bachinsky:

"I Don't Feel So Good is a risky work, a kind of high wire act between seemingly opposing strains. An interesting and compelling book."
- rob mclennan

"Bachinsky's work, with its myriad of influences ranging from Lisa Robertson, is able to rise above the boring drone of the avant-garde-versus-traditional debates. Her work can straddle both sides: formal and experimental, personal and mathematical, with a keen ear for the erotically ridiculous."
- Zoe Whittall, Globe and Mail

"Bachinsky has won deserved admiration for her work, full of guts and verve, spunk and nerve....straightshooting, straight-talking...Bachinsky's third poetry collection [has] that same rough beauty, sinuous toughness, of make-do carpentry that works."
- George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Chronicle/Herald

"God of Missed Connections is a formidable work from this young poet: a considered and important contribution to the quintessential dialogue on Canada's fractured collective history."
- Deanne Beattie, Vancouver Review

"...enviably good."
- Mark Callanan, Quill & Quire

" of those rare poets capable of negotiating poetic forms with rigour and testing their limits, while never losing sight of the strange, dark music of what it means to be human."
- Jeanette Lynes, The Globe and Mail

"a poet...with an ear to the ground of 21st century culture. [Her work] grips you with yearning from the first verse to the last..."
- Belinda Bruce, Vancouver Review

"[Bachinsky] doesn't let any sign pass without spinning out possible signifiers. And she sees the signs everywhere."
- Jacqueline Turner, The Georgia Straight

"A wonderful, wonderful poet."
- Keith Maillard, author of Gloria & Two Strand River

"One of the significant, exciting new poets to whose fine sense of form is equaled by a dedication to using the full spectrum of tone, style, and content."
- Todd Swift, Eyewear

"A major influence..."
- John K. Samson, The Weakerthans

"A...poet concerned with tradition, but possessing an experimental impulse that gives her work a countercultural thrust."
- Stuart Cole, Quill and Quire

"An accomplished poet who thinks and feels in the forms she employs."
- Malcolm Woodland, University of Toronto Quarterly

"Bachinsky's willingness to range fearlessly through history sets her writing apart...[she] should be lauded for raising big questions. We should also applaud her sheer moxie."
- Jeanette Lynes, The Fieldstone Review, University of Saskatchewan

Elizabeth Bachinsky is the author of four collections of poetry: CURIO, Home of Sudden Service, God of Missed Connections, and The Hottest Summer in Recorded History (forthcoming, 2013). Her work has been nominated for awards including the Pat Lowther Award and the Governor General's Award for Poetry, She lives in Vancouver where she is an instructor of creative writing and the Editor of EVENT magazine.

September 2012 | Poetry
6x7 inches | 64 pages
Trade Paper: 9781927040546

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