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Codes of Public Sleep by Camille Martin

Codes of Public Sleep by Camille Martin

List Price: $20.00
Price: $17.00

Spanning the permeable boundaries of public and private, of music and syntax, of waking and dreaming, the edgy lyrics of Codes of Public Sleep constellate a rich linguistic universe shot through with questions to be savoured in slow time: Whither and whether the withering weather? Is the subject hungry yet, in the impoverished opinion of its sublime trajectory? Martin’s first full-length collection is a synesthetic feast of mindful dialogue in lively antiphonies of fusion and abyss. Each poem resonates as an island in a vast neural plenum, one that is uncomfortable with the notion of the lyrical I (eye). This vision is through a mirror that reflects what we as readers imagine it reflects; in it we recognize the perpetual dance between the emptiness of conceptual habits and their insistently dazzling emergence. Fill up your cosmic cocktail and tune in to the music of the spheres, the queries of quarks. Glabella anagram? What happens next?

Camille Martin is a poet, collage artist, and literary critic who recently escaped the ruins of New Orleans to settle in her new home of Toronto. She is the author of four shorter collections of poetry: fabled hue (2005), sesame kiosk (2001), rogue embryo (1999), and magnus loop (1999). Her work has appeared widely throughout the US and is now being readily accepted in such Canadian periodicals as The Walrus and This Magazine. Camile teaches writing and literature at Ryerson University. Codes of Public Sleep is her first book.

October 2007 | Poetry
9x6 inches | 88 pages
Trade Paper: 9781897388112

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